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Here a few of our favorite entertaining and educational links:

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Our solar system and Earth:

A brief Khan Academy video regarding the relative sizes of Earth and Sun.

A photo of a total eclipse of the Sun that beautifully shows the energy streaming from it: Best Eclipse photo ever

Fantastic photographs of the life on our planet: These 50 photos will blow you away

Excellent VSauce video about what would happen if the sun disappeard

Science shots: What are some of the most important iconic and or beautiful scientific images



Good Entertainment:

Simply a great way to discover new things on the web. Customizable to your interests. www.Stumbleupon.com

For sheer entertainment, and education as well, VSauce is great: www.youtube.com/feed/UC6nSFpj9HTCZ5t-N3Rm3-HA

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes


Education and development:

Thoughts on self-development: Power of Now Guide

Want to learn something new?: Top 40 useful sites to learn new skills

If you haven't heard of the TED talks, then you must give them a try.

Free lessons at the Khan Academy

Are you happy graph...



A social art project by my friend Debbie Davies: TheILoveYouProject.net.

Artists at "We are Nature" using natural materials: www.synapticstimuli.com/we-are-nature/.

Portraits in ink and tea.

Burning Man

Joy: Holi Festival of colors

TimePirate art site.

29 ways to stay creative



Is the Universe a Holographic?

Interactive MindLab

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist that is opening up a discussion about redefining how we think of science: the dead materialistic view we labor under now versus a Universe that is alive and evolving. While we are not sure about his conclusions, we are sure the questions should be asked: www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html